Meet Rita

Rita Deek is my name, yes, I am only half Armenian!

I grew up in Aleppo. Armenian art and culture were part of my daily life. I studied in one of the best Armenian schools in the city, and was an active member in the Armenian Dance Group for more than 10 years!
Besides my Mom being Armenian, my Armenian language teachers played a big role to make me feel I belong to the Armenian community.

Rita Deek

Our Story

After graduating from the National University of Architecture in Armenia, I moved back to my hometown, and founded Roots / Արմատ in 2017.
I started drawing Armenian bird letters and gifted them to my friends, they liked it so much that they encouraged me to start my own business. I received so much support from both Syrian and Lebanese Armenian communities during exhibitions, which made me realize something about my audience. Armenians crave these designs, especially Armenians in the diaspora. We constantly struggle with the karot (yearning) factor—we’re in a constant loop of missing an Armenian sense of belonging. Some miss Armenia itself, as it’s often too far for them to visit. My art usually touches those people, the ones full of karot.

Today, Roots / Արմատ is almost five years old, based in Armenia & a registered business in Australia. You can find everything related to our beautiful Armenian alphabet, architecture, khachkars (cross-stones) and symbols in our brand.

I hope you enjoy the Armenian soul of my designs, appreciate the Armenian Roots in You and always be proud to be called HAY!

-Rita from Roots